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Imām 'Ali al-Hādi an-Naqī ('a) Remembrance

January 24th, 7:00pm

Commemorating the martyrdom of our beloved Imām ‘Ali al-Hādi an-Naqī (‘a). The program will take place online. 



Kalam Club: Secrets of Salāh

Begins Sunday January 22

Perfect your salāh by learning the philosophy of prayer, inspirations from the Qur’ān and Ahl al-Bayt (‘a). Students will review rules of salāh, perfect their pronunciation, participate in salāh challenges, and skits. This course is for Middle School & High School students.

Camp Noor Sunday School Spring Term

Begins Sunday January 22

Providing children with the opportunity to learn and grow in an Islamic setting, Camp Noor begins with classes for toddlers to high school students. Engaging children in activities that help them relate the curriculum content to their lives in meaningful ways.

Tafsīr Tuesdays

Begins Tuesday January 17

Weekly Tafsīr program will resume with an in depth study of Sūrah al-Wāqiʿah. Shaykh Azhar Sheraze will share stories and lessons from the Holy Qur’ān to help guide our daily lives.

Program will be held virtually on zoom each week. 

Spiritual Advising


We all have moments where we could use advice, guidance, and perspective on the matters of life, spirituality, religious questions, and relationships. Shaykh Azhar is available on Wednesdays for private sessions with individuals, couples, or families. These sessions are held via zoom. In-person sessions can be requested and depend on availability. These sessions are available to the community free of charge.

Book an Appointment with Shaykh Azhar. Use this link to find available time slots below:

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