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Tafsīr Tuesdays

Weekly 8pm

Join us for on-going series with Shaykh Azhar Sheraze on the commentary of Chapter 78 of the Holy Qur’ān – Sūrah al-Raḥmān

Program will be held virtually on zoom each week. 

Hike & Connect

Saturday January 27th, 11am

Join us for a community hiking adventure for all ages at the Autrey Mill Nature Preserve (Johns Creek)


Camp Noor Sunday School Spring Term

Providing children with the opportunity to learn and grow in an Islamic setting, Camp Noor begins with classes for toddlers to high school students. Adult classes are held weekly at 11am on a wide variety of subjects

Imām Mahdi ('aj) Celebration

Sunday March 3rd, 2024

Join us for the annual grand celebration of the birth of the Imām of Our Time (aj), Imām Maḥdi (aj) with a play & performances by Camp Noor Sunday School students

Imām 'Ali ('a) Celebration

In celebration of the noble birth of our beloved first Imām, Imām ‘Ali (‘a), we invite you to join us for a special Father’s Day Top Golf (Tee Off) Program. Let’s swing into a day of brotherhood, laughter, and memorable drives!

Date: Sunday January 21st

Time: 10am – 1pm

Venue: Top Golf Buford (2935 Buford Drive)

Come together with fellow fathers as we honor the wisdom and strength exemplified by Imam Ali (‘a). Just as every swing carries its unique force, so does the impact of a father’s guidance resonate in the hearts of their children.

All students (boys & girls), fathers, grandfathers, uncles & brothers are invited. Your presence will make this day a hole-in-one! Join us for a round of camaraderie, and tee off in the spirit of brotherhood.

RSVP by January 18th – Looking forward to sharing the joy of Father’s Day and the teachings of Imam Ali (‘a) with you!

Spiritual Advising


We all have moments where we could use advice, guidance, and perspective on the matters of life, spirituality, religious questions, and relationships. Shaykh Azhar is available on Wednesdays for private sessions with individuals, couples, or families. These sessions are held via zoom. In-person sessions can be requested and depend on availability. These sessions are available to the community free of charge.

Book an Appointment with Shaykh Azhar. Use this link to find available time slots below:

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