Spring 2023 Calendar

Important Camp Noor Sunday School dates & events!

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Spring 2023 Information

Semester Dates: January 15 – May 14

Camp Noor is a Sunday School experience for the whole family. Camp Noor uses MCE’s Tarbiyyah Curriculum for PreK – High School. To learn more about the curriculum, click here

 Important Dates

January 15 – Sayyida Fatima (s) Wiladah & Mother’s Day Celebration; No Class

January 22 – First Day of Class

February 5 – Imām ‘Ali (‘a) Wiladah & Father’s Day Celebration; No Class

March 12 – Imām Māhdi (‘a) Wiladah Celebration; No Class

April 23 – Eid ul Fitr Break; No Class

May 14 – Camp Noor End of Year Award Ceremony


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