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Islamic Studies Curriculum

Grades PreK to High School

Camp Noor Sunday School uses the Tarbiyah curriculum developed by World Federation’s MCE. The modules cover the following topics in age appropriate depth:

  1. Allah & His Creations
  2. Divine Guidance
  3. Rasulullah (s)
  4. The A’immah (a)
  5. The Period of Ghaybah
  6. Roadmap to Self Purification
  7. Societal Wellbeing
  8. Return to the Creator

Camp Noor students take 2 Islamic Studies classes each week as follows:

PreK – 2nd Grade (Lesson, Story)

3rd – 5th Grade (2 Lessons)

 6th Grade & Up (Lesson, Kalam Club)

All Islamic studies teachers at Camp Noor have completed Tarbiyah certification by MCE.

Qur’ān Curriculum

“Know that there is no benefit in the recitation of the Qur’ān without contemplation” – Imam ‘Ali (‘a)

Camp Noor Qur’ān Curriculum is centered on the idea that Qur’ān recitation and reflection must always go hand in hand. 

PreK – 5th Grade

Students memorize a sūrah over the course of the semester along with its meaning. They focus on contemplating on the words of the Almighty and learning key Qur’ānic vocabulary.

Camp Noor focuses on memorization and reflection instead of Qur’ān reading. We are happy to connect families with Qur’ān reading teachers in the community to help their child’s journey of Qur’ān reading.

6th Grade & Up

As students critical thinking skills get stronger, the focus of Qur’ān class in middle and high school is on understanding the words of the Holy Qur’ān and their application to our daily lives. Debates, discussion and journaling are used to cultivate deeper understanding of the words of Allah subhan wa’ ta’āla.




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